The best way to advertise on Instagram

Did you know that an estimated 81% of Instagram’s
1 billion active users use Instagram to research products and services? Combine this with a 50% conversion rate and you have one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms today.

As more businesses and engaged customers use Instagram as a place to discover new products and services, Instagram has developed versatile marketing tools to help businesses and consumers connect.

We specialise in lead generation Instagram ads that target audiences based on their passions or interests, taking into account their demographics, behaviours and more. 

Whether you want to build brand awareness, increase conversions, enhance reach, showcase products or generate
store traffic — we have an Instagram marketing strategy for you.

We build customised ads that are designed to help brands grow, new businesses launch and products sell. Our team will develop a tailored strategy aligned with your business goals, target market and budget. 

Build your brand, boost your bottom line and get your product or service in front of audiences looking for what you have to offer – we’ll help you every step along the way.










Make Instagram Ads Work For You

We don’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach to Instagram advertising, we believe every business requires a customised approach to achieve maximum success.

Instagram has a conversion rate of 1.85% compared with 0.42% for Facebook and 0.08% for Twitter (HubSpot, 2021). With an end-to-end instagram strategy backed by scroll-stopping content, we’ll optimise your campaigns for enhanced performance and conversions.

We’ll also provide advice on what type of content to post on your Instagram account, the right times to post and how best to measure the success of each Instagram ad campaign.

We’ll help you target Instagram ads to the right audience (location, interests, behaviours and demographics); optimise your Instagram ads creatives by A/B testing, and track Instagram ad performance using Facebook’s built-in reporting tools.

From engaging your target audience with compelling and visually striking Instagram stories, captivating carousel ads and video ads that make you stand out from the crowd, we’ll turn your Instagram into a digital marketing powerhouse.

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Grow Your Brand & Boost Conversions with our Instagram Ad Experts

We help businesses tap into one of the most engaged online audiences by creating customised ads that are designed to generate engagement, leads & traffic. Whether it’s your first Instagram advertising campaign, or you are an Instagram ads veteran, our Instagram ad specialists will work with you to create a marketing strategy that works for you.

Our INstagram advertising roadmap

Identity Target Audiences

IDENTIFY Target Audiences

We will meticulously target Instagram users based on their interests, demographics and behaviours for a high performing Instagram ad campaign.

Increase in Conversions

Content Strategy

We'll provide advice based on our experience in growing accounts and work with you to create a content strategy that will connect with your audience and increase engagement.

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Content Creation

Visual storytelling is the key to connecting with your audience and increasing engagement. We'll provide advice based on our experience in growing accounts and work with you to create Instagram content that will connect with your.

Brand Advocates

Brand Advocates

We can not only help you improve engagement but also instil brand advocacy, as we to build confidence in your products and services.

Pay Per Performance Marketing

Real Time Analytics

Our team of Instagram specialists track each ad to provide real-time analytics that allow us make changes based on its performance and constantly improve your results.

Whether you’re a business owner just starting out or an experienced marketer, our Instagram roadmap is designed for your success. We help you create, test, measure and optimise your Instagram Ads for digital success.

We help guide new businesses and established veterans through the process of creating ads and reaching their desired audiences in order to scale them up with digital tactics that work!

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ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

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Decrease in Cost Per Conversions



Reduction in Monthly Ad Spend



increase in conversion

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C3 Education



Decrease in Cost Per Click


Increase in Click Through Rate


Increase in Conversions

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Increase in Conversions MoM


Reduction in Cost Per Conversion


Increase in Conversions Rate


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Our Account Revamp Resulted In A 798% Increase In Conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Decrease in Ad Spend


Increase in Conversions


Evolve Your Brand with Instagram Advertising

We understand what makes Instagram users tick and we know the Facebook advertising platform inside-out. With years of digital marketing expertise, we’ll create, test and optimise your ads so that they are performing at their best.

For us, keeping clients in the loop is important. We’ll provide you with a dedicated Instagram account manager who will work closely with you to ensure your Instagram ads are always running at optimum performance. From ad types, ad placement to ad spend, we will walk you through the process, ensuring confidence and transparency at every level.

We create ads for small businesses to global enterprises, no matter the size of your business or budget, we bring our expertise and commitment to digital marketing excellence to every advertising campaign we work on.

Our aim is simple – to turn Instagram into a powerful sales tool, allowing you to build a highly engaged audience that interacts with your brand and ultimately becomes a customer.

We provide transparent reporting on all our campaigns, accessible to you at any time by logging into your personalised account. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and share our best practices with you, turning Instagram from a potential sales risk into a valuable digital marketing asset.

The end result? Your target audience will access compelling, high performing Instagram ads that convert into sales and attract new customers. This means more leads & conversions for your business while making the most out of your ad spend.



The short answer is yes – Instagram ads are definitely worth it! Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, making it a hugely popular platform with a vast potential customer base. What’s more, Instagram users are highly engaged with the platform, spending an average of 28 minutes per day on the app. With such a large and engaged user base, Instagram is a great place to advertise your business. Instagram ads can help you to reach a new audience, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

The cost of instagram advertising is determined by a number of variables such as campaign objective, audience size, budget, and CTR.

To give you an idea of the cost of Instagram ads, we’ll share with you recent ad spend data based on Instagram cost per click (CPC), cost per engagement (CPE) and cost per thousand impressions (CMP).

Cost per click (CPC): Cost per click measures the cost of generating one click through an ad on Instagram.

Instagram CPC varies depending upon your ad type; link clicks and engagement (likes/reactions, comments & shares cost on average $0.40-$0.70.

Ads with higher intent; ie: ads that have a destination URL have a higher CPC of $0.50-$0.95 per click. (Wordstream, 2021)

Cost per engagement (CPE): Cost per engagement is the cost of generating engagement on Instagram. Engagement is calculated based on the number of likes, video views, reactions and comments your ad receives. The average cost per engagement on Instagram ranges from $0.01-0.05.

Cost per thousand (CPT): Cost per thousand is the average cost for 1,000 impressions on Instagram and ranges from $2.50-$3.50. This metric is typically used for branding campaigns and can vary depending on the targeted audience, type of ad, and level of targeting.

When working with an Instagram Ad Agency, Instagram content strategy, content creation, ad management, campaign optimisation and monitoring are additional to Instagram ads cost.

Instagram advertising offers three primary ad types: carousel ads, single image/video ads and immersive video ads.

There’s also a fourth type called an answer shopping carousel ad that’s only available in certain countries at this time.

Instagram Ad Types:

Carousel ads: A carousel ad is composed of 2-5 images or video ad content. When users swipe through, they can see all the photos/videos associated with the ad type.

For each image or video, there is a different link that takes you to a unique landing page within the app.

Single image ads: Instagram recently updated image ads these ads to include a call-to-action button that appears in the lower right corner of the ad. You can choose whether or not you want the CTA button to link out to an external website (meaning non-Instagram) or lead people specifically to an Instagram location.

Video ads: Video content has the highest engagement and conversion rates among all Instagram ad formats. Video ads give brands the opportunity to convey their message quickly and effectively thus leading to higher engagement and ad recall than photo ads.

Immersive video: Immersive videos are also referred to as full-screen ads. These videos stretch across users mobile devices and take up the entire screen.

For marketers, immersive videos help tell their brand story in a creative way. Immersive video ads average 10 times more completed views than traditional video ads because they automatically play on a user’s screen with the sound on.

Vertical video ads are also now available! These are similar to carousel ads, but instead of swiping through images, you are scrolling vertically. Vertical video ads are optimised for mobile browsers and landscape phone orientation.


The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that can be placed on any website. When installed, it works with the Facebook platform to create targeted custom audiences based on people who visit your site.

As Instagram ads are run through Facebook ads manager, adding your Instagram business manager as a pixel event on Facebook will ensure your ads are already targeting the right people.

For any ad, remember to have a strong call-to-action button. Ask users to engage by using a CTA button, or even asking them to visit a landing page for more information.

You can create a custom pixel that tracks conversions and defines which ads are most successful with relevant audiences. This is crucial for brands looking to advertise on Instagram and develop their audience targeting.

The best Instagram ad type for your campaign depends on your campaign objectives and budget.

Basic video ads are best for awareness, while carousel ads work well for people looking to drive traffic to a landing page.

Shopping carousel ads are ideal for stores that want to engage potential buyers by providing product options. The newer vertical video format is likely better suited to reach an audience on mobile devices.


When creating Instagram ads, targeting is just as important as the quality of your content. Brands should find a balance between reach and relevance by making sure they know who they are advertising to, and what kinds of people will be drawn in by their content. With Instagram, brands have access to a variety of targeting options including interests , gender, age, and behaviour.

Custom audiences allow you to upload your email lists and then target those people on Facebook or Instagram

You can find more information about custom audiences here.

Instagram business manager has its own set of targeting options as well, including location , language, device type, and more.

Facebook Ad manager is a platform that allows you to control all of your advertisements in one place. This makes it easy to test different images, titles, and ad copy at once with multiple audiences without having to go into each individual ad account.

With facebook ads manager you can manage instagram stories ads, instagram feed, and instagram posts . You can even run instagram ads using the power editor.

You can use instagram analytics to track how your instagram ad performed since it’s connected to facebook ads manager!

Ad placement is the place in which your ad will show on Facebook or Instagram. This includes the News Feed, right column, Instagram feed, slideshow carousel ads, instagram stories, in-stream video, reels and shop.

Ad placements depend on your Instagram ad formats, campaign objective and can be manual or automated depending upon how much data you have on your custom audience.

Instagram advertising allows you to target ads in one of three ways:

– Via the instagram feed (on the newsfeed, like Facebook)

– On the Explore tab (stories and posts from accounts users don’t follow)

– On Instagram search results (users searching by hashtags or people)

Yes! You’ll need to connect your instagram account to your facebook business page.

Once you do that, you can create ads on Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor.

Great instagram ads should be engaging and tell a story. When writing the copy and choosing the visuals for your post, it’s important to ask yourself “What is my objective?”

You can choose from three objectives:

– Drive traffic to a website

– Increase engagement with an existing audience

– Build awareness for a brand or product

Think about what you want users to do after they see your ad, and design the visuals, copy and call to action around that.

As a leading Sydney Instagram Ads agency, post engagement is our area of expertise, we’ll make sure your Instagram ad campaign ticks all the boxes.

A boost post simply allows you to pay to increase the reach of an existing Instagram, while promote gives brands more control by allowing them to pick which posts they want to promote.

Not only that, but with Facebook promoted posts , businesses can choose where they appear.

Once the post is completed, you can choose to promote it anywhere on Facebook, including users’ newsfeeds and timelines!

Instagram stories ads look similar to stories, but they are designed to drive traffic back to your website.

Story ads appear at the top of the stories feed in user’s Instagram applications. They are great for generating brand awareness and increasing engagement and ad recall, because people are more likely to engage with this type of ad when compared to traditional image ads.

Because these ads are much longer than Instagram posts, stories ads give advertisers more to work with, which means they can convey their message more effectively.

Your daily budget is how much you are willing to spend on your ad or campaign every day. If you have a weekly goal, you’ll need to adjust your daily budget accordingly!

Your lifetime budget is the total amount of money that you have allocated for an ad or campaign.

As Facebook owns Instagram, both instagram ads and facebook ads are run through facebook ad manager.

However, instagram ads work within Instagram’s own users whereas Facebook Ads target the wider market of all Facebook users. Instagram ads have a few extra features that Facebook Ads don’t have.

For example, Carousel Ads and Story Ads are only available on Instagram. Also, because Instagram is a mobile-first platform, all ad images are automatically cropped to a square shape whereas on Facebook you can choose what shape your image will be.


You’ll need a Facebook ads manager account if you want to create instagram ads.

Instagram accounts are not required, it is your ad’s landing page that matters most.

However, having an engaging Instagram account will help to build trust, credibility and brand awareness.

Ad sets contain all of the elements for a successful Instagram ad campaign such as budgets, targeting and creatives. You can create as many ad sets as you like for your campaign.

No. If you want your post to appear as an ad on Instagram, you’ll need to create an ad campaign through Facebook ads manager and select Instagram as one of the placements. 


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