Picture of Sophie Curran

Sophie Curran

Head of Content

Evolving Digital’s undisputed Content Queen. She doesn’t just bring her creative chops to the table, she owns it. From the germ of an idea to the final polish, she’s all about making content that pops.

From tweet-sized tidbits to detailed, jargon-busting technical sagas, Sophie’s range is as expansive as it is impressive. She’s spun stories for startups, planned campaigns for powerhouses, and now she’s wielding that wide-ranging expertise at Evolving Digital.

Her superpower? She’s the powerhouse behind every content project — the critical bond that turns raw ideas into pure content gold. SEO-savvy write-ups, meticulously crafted e-books, you name it, Sophie’s got it covered.

Her content strategy and development skills have been battle-tested and approved by industry titans like LocalAgentFinder, InvestSMART, UNSW, Mazda, and Abet Laminati.

With Sophie at the helm, expect content that doesn’t just tick boxes, it shatters expectations and leaves a lasting impact. Slaying the content game, one project at a time.


- Content Marketing
- Creative Strategy


- Bachelor of Arts
- Bachelor of Education
- Diploma of Graphic Design


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