Lighting the Way in Organic SEO: Leadsun's Surge to Page 1 in Solar Search


How We Achieved Page 1 Rankings For Highly Competitive Terms In The Solar Lighting Industry


About Leadsun: Leadsun is a leading provider in the solar lighting industry, offering innovative and sustainable solutions. The company specialises in solar-powered street lights, solar car park lighting, and other solar lighting solutions, aiming to deliver eco-friendly and efficient lighting alternatives.

The Challenge:

Initially, Leadsun’s online presence was limited, ranking on the first page for only one target keyword: “solar lighting solutions.” To enhance their market presence and reach, they aimed to secure page 1 rankings for more high commercial intent keywords, including “solar lights,” “solar powered street lights,” and “solar car park lighting.”

Our Approach:

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Strategic Keyword Research

We researched and identified competitive, high-commercial-intent keywords that align with Leadsun’s product range, ensuring the optimisation efforts target the most relevant and valuable search queries.

Service Page Content Optimization & Expansion

Key service pages were optimised and expanded to include value-centric information, relevant case studies, and FAQs. This approach aimed to provide comprehensive and detailed content to a commercial audience, thereby improving engagement and relevance.

Complete On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

  • An extensive on-page optimisation project was undertaken to improve user experience and search engine visibility. This included optimising the homepage and service pages, enhancing metadata, and increasing site speed.
  • Implementation of structured data, image alt texts, and other technical optimisations to boost website efficiency and performance.


Within a six-month period, Leadsun achieved remarkable results, securing page 1 rankings for a range of targeted keywords such as “solar streetlights,” “solar powered streetlights,” “solar street lighting,” “solar pathway lighting,” “solar car park lighting,” and “solar lighting solutions.” This significant improvement in search engine rankings has enhanced Leadsun’s online visibility and positioned the company as a dominant player in the solar lighting industry.


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